Designed and engineered in America, Europe, and China specifically for hospitality applications, Teledex brand hotel phones are available in 7 distinct phone design families and over 50 model options.

D series

New! Fresh design. USB charging. Same faceplate!
How do you improve upon Diamond Series, the most popular hotel phone in the world for 33 years running? We began the development of D Series with a fresh new contemporary design, robust ergonomic open handset, and guest smart device USB charging ports, but maintained the same Diamond faceplate area…so Diamond Series owners may easily upgrade with existing faceplates.

Diamond Series

World’s most popular hotel phone. 
This is the phone that started it all. In fact more hotels use Teledex Diamond Series than any other guestroom telephone. With over 5 million in service worldwide, this corded analog phone is available in single or two-line models, with up to 10 programmable guest service keys, patented OneTouch voice mail retrieval technology, and an optional speakerphone.

E Series

Small is the new big.
Micro-footprint Teledex E Series have created an entirely new hotel phones category. Originally designed to meet the limited space requirements aboard cruise ships, E Series hotel phones require less room on the guestroom desk and nightstand, and consume less energy in the manufacturing process, so the impact on the environment is smaller as well. Available in single and two-line, analog, VoIP, corded, and cordless configurations.

I Series

The original small footprint hotel phone.
Teledex I Series (formerly Teledex iPhone®) is the original small footprint telephone built specifically for the hospitality guest room. Designed to embrace the sleek style of the modern hotel guest room, I Series provides a familiar user interface for your guests in your choice of single and two-line, analog and VoIP, corded and cordless configurations. Choose 0, 3, 5, or 10 programmable guest service keys, an optional speakerphone, and our patented OneTouch voice mail retrieval technology.

M Series

More than just a telephone.
Teledex M Series hotel phones are available in analog, VoIP, corded, and cordless configurations with USB charging ports on both the phone and remote handset kit support guest smart device recharging. Add Bluetooth integration for guests to connect to stream sound, place and receive calls over their own cell network, and charge phones and tablets. Bluetooth integration also enables the paired guest smart device to become a cordless handset in the room…without the cost.

Nugget Series

Designed for tight spaces, and tighter budgets.
Nugget Series hotel phones are built to the same rigid quality standards as all the other Teledex hotel telephones, but have a more limited feature set. These phones, with its modish Euro-style handset, are specifically designed to meet the needs of the economy-minded hotelier looking for a quality alternative.

Opal Series

Designed with the world in mind.
Teledex Opal Series telephones have a recognizable international design that compliments modern guest room décor. Available in single and towline, analog, corded and cordless configurations, with an optional speakerphone, Opal Series are equipped with a red multi-function message-waiting light, and 0, 3, 5, or 10 programmable guest service keys.

USB Series

USB charging for your existing room phones.
Upgrade your existing hotel phones with Teledex universal USB Charging Stations. No need to unplug your room phone, or get out a screwdriver or pliers. Simply release the convenient adhesive strip and place the UCD100 charging station beneath your in-service room phone, plug in the wall ​adapter, and your guests are ready to charge their smart mobile devices.