High Speed Internet

High speed Internet

expressnetIt’s one network. ExpressNet helps you unlock its true value.

Convert your CAT3 cabled property to wireless and/or wired broadband with ExpressNet High Speed Internet Access solutions.

ExpressNet VDSL

Blazing speeds over the phone wiring you already have.

ExpressNet VDSL broadband solutions delivers a consistent 10-15 Mbps (megabits per second) of throughput to each wired or wireless endpoint on the network. Using your existing Cat 3 phone wiring, our patented in-room ExpressPorts, network switches and gateways servers, you’ll be up and running in no time!

AirLink Wireless

Put WiFi Wherever You Have a Phone With AirLink

Winner of the prestigious Editors’ Choice Award at the International Hotel/Motel & Restaurant Show in New York, ExpressNet AirLink turns your phone network into the heart of your wireless network! AirLink wireless access points install to the underside of your Teledex phones, and blanket your property with fast, dependable wireless coverage.

AirLink Wireless/Wired Combo

With ExpressNet AirLink, you can deploy both wired and wireless broadband simultaneously over your existing telephone (Cat 3) wiring. Some of your rooms are installed with AirLink wireless access points; other rooms are installed with our AirLink wireless Ethernet clients (WEC or wireless bridge). All rooms then have both a wireless broadband connection plus a plug-in connection to the same, fast network.

Ethernet Wired Solution

If you already have Ethernet (Cat 5/6) cabling, you can still use our patented ExpressPort to deliver the in-room connection. There’s no cleaner, less intrusive way to provide a broadband connection to your guests than by using our ExpressPorts, which install entirely underneath your Teledex phones.

Ethernet AP / Wireless

If you already have an Ethernet network and you want to add wireless coverage, there’s no better way than with our AirLink Ethernet wireless access points. Much less intrusive than drilling

holes in ceilings and pulling new cable, your AirLink Ethernet access points install right under your Teledex phones and blanket your property with fast 802.11g (54 Mbps) WiFi!